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Why Charleston keeps getting ranked the No. 1 city in U.S.

From the friendly people to the history to the amazing food, both locals and tourists have no trouble understanding why Charleston is considered the best.

by Madeline Canipe

Charleston has been ranked as the No. 1 City in the United States for 10 consecutive years.

Whether it's the hospitality, the people, or the amazing food, there are many reasons to love this city.

Avery Unger of Explore Charleston notes that one of the challenges for such a big tourist city is making it interesting and vibrant for both locals and tourists.

“We have amazing hotels, that's big, so what we try to do is make sure that tourism is being managed and it's good for residents and visitors," Unger said. "So I think that is a huge deal because you do want your residents to be able to have a great life and comfortable and you also want the visitors, when they come to have the same feeling, so finding that balance is really important to a city.”

With so much history but also modern culture, there aren’t too many cities similar to Charleston.

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