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  • Ruby McClinton

Technology is turning tables: how the job interview process has changed.

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

By Ruby McClinton

When Carson Abernethy started looking for a job, she didn't wait to be interviewed and didn't worry about what might be offered.

She started the process herself by connecting on LinkedIn and then asking for what she wanted out of a position with the company.

Try to connect with someone at the company, like through LinkedIn, either someone at the company that I have something in common with like we went to the same college or we both worked at Oracle at one point. I will try to find something in common and ask them for both a referral as well as interview advice,” said Abernethy.

There have been significant changes to the job hiring process since the early 2000s, but how exactly are prospective employees taking the process into their own hands?

Post-college graduation may seem like an intimidating time for recent graduates, but there have been many changes to the hiring process because of technology and social media that can help the process flow more smoothly.

Today's job market is more tailored to the individual's experience. With the use of video interviews as well as remote positions, companies convey to prospective employees that they care about their time and that they are willing to work with them anywhere they want to be.

Abernethy, a 2019 graduate of Boston University, shared some of the ways she prepares for job interviews.

Working at Oracle in Austin, Texas, since graduation, Abernethy has had four different positions, including entry-level sales, marketing, account manager and now field sales.

Since starting in-person at Oracle in 2019, Abernethy has transitioned to a fully remote position.

“My interview process for Oracle was pretty much all online and after my first year of working there, my entire position was moved online too,” she said. “I travel for work a lot now so it works out, but I can go into the office if I want to.”

Although she has had a great experience at Oracle, Abernethy is on the job search for a more creative position.

With the rise of social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, job candidates are able to conduct more research and connect with professionals and businesses they are interested in before going through the interview process.

“I like to look up interview questions on Glassdoor to prepare myself for interviews,” said Abernethy. “Both questions they might ask me and questions I can ask them. I think finding a connection in the company before an interview for a reference has been one of the most helpful things though.”

On the other hand, companies now have access to candidates' personal lives through social media as well. They are able to conduct in-depth research through many of the same platforms before choosing to go through with interviews.

Susanne Norwitz and Paul Enck, co-founders of Maya Chia Beauty, said they go about the process in a more traditional manner, usually by scheduling a series of about two to three in-person interviews, depending on the position.

But the two look at the process very differently. Enck feels more strongly about the importance of in-person interviewing. “I am doing people a favor by giving them a job so if they can’t make time to come out to the office and interview that’s not my problem,” he said.

Despite his thoughts, the company recently hired a new social media manager through a process of Zoom interviews to cater to her location at the time.

Norwitz and Enck have had only good things to say about the new hire. She had two interviews on Zoom and came into the office for her final interview and to meet the rest of the team.

They shared that even though most of this process was online, they were able to get a strong feel for her work ethic personality through the calls. Since being hired, they have had only great things to say about the new employee.

“I am new to Zoom interviews, but we thought we could try it out once. Of course we wanted Maggie to come in so we could meet before she locked down the job, but it's something we could continue doing in the future,” said Norwitz

The rise of the internet is without a doubt changing the hiring process. Not only are candidates more easily accessible, but the companies are to prospective employees as well. Job seekers are able to gather information about the companies they are applying to through their online presence.

Companies can use these platforms to attract employees through homepage creativity, blog posts, online interactions and more.

With the rise of technology, it is not only about the job seeker looking attractive to the company, but now the companies are having to put effort into being a desirable candidate for their employees as well.

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