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CofC students weigh in on legalized sports betting in SC

by Phillip Blanda

South Carolina lawmakers have tried multiple times to pass a bill legalizing online sports betting.

But the governor remains opposed, and so it won’t be coming here anytime soon.

“I 100% think they should be allowed to bet on sports betting," says Andrew Poore, CofC senior. "I think it can make the gambler money and also the state if they are taxing what the gambler is making.” 

Another CofC senior thinks it is not a bad idea to have legal online sports betting but he understands the need for some controls. 

“I mean it can befdd bad because people can bet everything they own and everything they have," said Chris Furze. "People can bet everything they have because it is addictive and anything addictive is not good. But I think it still should be legal. I don't think it's that bad and it's profitable for companies like Draft Kings and Fanduel.”

Now that online sports betting is legal in neighboring North Carolina, Poore would definitely drive a few hours to gamble legally.

“Yes,I think so. I think we have a lot of students here that will go to make a quick buck. So I wouldn't be surprised if people did it. Me personally, I would definitely drive there. 100%”

Poore admits that almost all his friends gamble on sports.

"I mean just about all of them [sports bet], honestly, it's kind of all we talk about and you know I kind of look forward to these conversations," he said. "It gets me pretty fired up. So yeah, a good amount I would say."

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