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CofC students grapple with affordable housing crunch

Students at the College of Charleston are struggling to find affordable housing off-campus

by Gavin Turschmann

It's that time of the academic calendar … when College of Charleston students try to find off-campus housing for the following year.

And lately, that’s becoming an uphill battle.

“I know it is hard for people to find a good spot at a reasonable price,” says Lila Maller, a senior at the College of Charleston.

The demand for housing in Charleston has surged, driven by a booming student population and the city's appeal.

According to Norda Real Estate Investments, Charleston's population has grown by more than 14% in the past decade, and it is projected to continue to increase in the coming years.

As CofC has limited student housing - primarily reserved for freshmen - this puts even more of a crunch on upperclassmen.

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