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Taylor Swift bringing new fans to NFL screens everywhere

by Molly Rion

Whether you are a Swiftie or an avid NFL watcher, you have probably seen that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship has been blowing up all over social media the past few months.

Kate Lewis, a College of Charleston student and big fan of Swift, isn't so much a football fan but loves the attentio to Swift among a new audience.

"I really love it and I think it's very real and I'm in full support," she said.

Once Swift started attending Kansas City Chiefs games and sitting next to Kelce's mom, media coverage went crazy.

"I feel like when she's at the games and stuff, they're showing her more on the screen to get views, but. I've definitely seen a lot of that," Lewis added.

Football fans don't seem too bothered by the emphasis on Swift over football.

NFL fan David Rion said it doesn't annoy him as much as it just makes him laugh.

"You know, it's just, it's kind of what's just going on in the world right now and, you know, now that more women are watching the Chiefs play because Taylor Swift's there then, it's just, it's just funny," he said. "It's just funny."

Julia Barefoot is one of those women.

Barefoot said her love for watching football has grown as Swift has been spotted at games.

"I normally would only watch Panthers games 'cause that's all I really would care about," Barefoot said. "But...when we were at shareHouse and they were playing it and she was there, obviously I was watching it more than I would've."

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