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Online retail platforms, brick-and-mortar stores both here to stay

by Camden Carter

"Shopping" for most people conjures images of sifting through actual merchandise and crowded malls.

For people like Ally Mckowen, their hearts belong to the virtual aisles on the internet.

“Convenience. It's just way more convenient to look anything up wherever you want to,” says Mckowen, an online retail consumer.

Global e-commerce sales are expected to total 5.8 trillion worldwide in 2023.

From the convenience of our smartphones to the vast digital marketplaces at our fingertips, many are navigating an extraordinary transition in how we shop.

But still, new research from customer engagement specialist Emarsys found that 54% of consumers maintain a preference for brick-and-mortar retail.

Taylor Carter prefers shopping in-store when it comes to finding a new outfit.

“I like to try the clothes on and see them in person,” says Carter.


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