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How Juul™ made vaping cool, increased nicotine addictions

It’s 2016. A new trend involves a sleek smoking device that provides an addictive headrush and comes in many attractive flavors.

The new product behind the trend has been out for about a year, and everyone is already hopping on the bandwagon.

Advertisements for this new product feature young adults living adventurous, carefree lives as they party with friends - and in each of their hands is a Juul™.

Everywhere you look, you can find someone holding one.

Influencers hyped it up.

Musicians sang about it.

And comedians joked about it. Dave Chapelle did an entire stand-up with a Juul™ in his hand.

JUUL LABS provided constant promotion for its product, enlisted misleading marketing tactics, and exploited the underlying fear of missing out that every young adult experiences.

These are the factors that all worked together to create the perfect storm of more nicotine addictions for young adults.

by Phoebe Crawford

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