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Downtown Charleston's exercise scene more like a community

by Chelsea Brooks

Pilates, yoga, spin, HIIT, boxing, trampoline classes…you name it, Charleston has it.

With health and wellness trends on the rise, people are flocking to test out healthier lifestyles.

Except, the exercise aspect can be daunting to many.

“My first experience [working out] was pretty intimidating since I had never before. I was coming into a community where I felt a lot of people are regulars there and have a community where they’re very close,” said Charleston local Sofia Lew.

Luckily for those wanting to give these workouts a shot, downtown Charleston makes them super accessible.

Once you get moving, you’re likely to feel a sense of community amidst these local studios.

“It’s a very supportive community that I love to be a part of,” said Grace Barnett, The Works Cycle employee. “It made me love the studio a lot more. Coming from doing Soul Cycle, a big brand name, I’d much prefer a place like this because I know the people.”


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