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Do you know what to do when bad storms are near?

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Deciphering information to be weather-ready may be harder than you think

by Andy Gilles

It turns out, that even with Charleston, South Carolina, having some of the craziest weather in the world, folks are unaware of appropriate terminology - or what it actually means.

After asking a few Charleston residents if they understood the difference between a severe thunderstorm watch and a warning, knowledge was low.

"You know I really couldn't tell you that one," said Akhansha Patward, a College of Charleston student.

"I don't know, seems like the same thing to me," said Wayne Fielding, 64.

But WCNC Charlotte's chief meteorologist, Brad Panovich, helped clear some of this confusion by defining some important vocabulary and giving tips for remaining safe when severe weather approaches.


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