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CofC dance team puts in work beyond the spotlight

Long hours, hard work often come with little recognition

by Macy Layton

Welcome to the world of college dance team - where passion meets precision, and where the spotlight isn't always as bright as it should be.

"People just consider us the 'background' of an event which can be frustrating because not only do we do our sport, we are supporting every other athlete," says Ashley Kidd, student and captain of the team. "It is kind of disheartening that they don’t support us the same way we go out of our way to support them."

This is what being on the College of Charleston dance team is like.

"I feel like we don’t get the recognition we deserve," said Lydia Zeltmann, student and captain. "The school always asks us to do so much for them and outside organizations always ask us to do so much for them all the time. Even on our off days, we’re not really off.”

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