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Mobile devices affecting our lives in good, bad ways

Since the development of smart phones in the early 2000s, these little devices have been an important aspect of our lives worldwide.

by Andy Gilles

As it turns out, smartphone use worldwide has steadily increased over the last five years.

For locals, cell phone usage seems to take a large chunk out of their daily lives.

“Probably say like seven hours a day," stated Sean Gorman, a College of Charleston student.

“I'd say somewhere between four and six hours," said Elliot Alfonso, 41.

Most people recognize the positives before the negatives that come with phones.

“Absolutely, FaceTime. FaceTime with grandchildren, the communication potentials and uses are off the charts, sure," said Gary Patton, 71.

On the contrary, they recognize the burden having a phone nearby can create.

“Paying less attention to people around you and what's going on like kind of that face-down society: being on your phone, always looking for your phone for the answer. Pretty much what's positive is also negative since you have that information," explained Alfonso.

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